A message from our Chairman: AGM notice

Dear Members

First and foremost on behalf of the Film Society committee can I wish all our members a Happy New Year. Let’s hope we can manage more big screen viewings in 2021 than we did last year.

Cinema, as you no doubt have read, has taken a severe hit during the pandemic. As online access to film grows at an exponential rate it will be interesting to see the shape of “picture palaces” post pandemic.

Our current intention as a Society is to allow the vaccine to roll out during the early months of 2021 and, given this brings us back to near normality, reopen with a new season of films in October. At this stage we will honour existing unused carnets and offer a number of free access films to current full season members.

On the night in March, when we were forced by Covid to close at very short notice, we were due to hold our annual AGM. Subsequently we have not been able to reconvene this event and so, as an alternative to presenting our various reports to a live audience, we have placed them here for your inspection and comment.

The present committee has agreed to continue in office so at the moment we have no need to recruit additional personnel. Our AGM accounts and re-appointment of Officers, Committee and Directors have been proposed by Sylvia Croxall and seconded by Tim Underwood.

Please view the AGM documents here.

It would be most useful to us if you could acknowledge that you have read this message and vote in favour (or not) of the accounts and the re-appointment of your committee. You can do this by emailing me at grahamlumb@gmail.com by 31 January 2021.

If you have any queries, objections or comments let us know and we will respond to the best of our ability. We hope you find the Report informative and thank you for your continued support of Winchester Film Society.

Graham Lumb
Chairman, Winchester Film Society