Season 2011-12

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4 Oct 2011 (Italy)
I Am Love 15
Grandeur and heartbreak in Milan
Film Notes
18 Oct 2011 (Korea)
Poetry TBC
Gentle South Korean drama
Film Notes
1 Nov 2011 (UK/Spain)
Chico and Rita 15
Adult animation set in Cuba
Film Notes
15 Nov 2011 (China)
Nanjing! Nanjing! 18
Wartime atrocity in China
Film Notes
29 Nov 2011 (UK)
American: The Bill Hicks Story 15
Documentary charting comedian’s life
Film Notes
13 Dec 2011 (France)
Micmacs 12
Whimsical fantasy movie
Film Notes
10 Jan 2012 (Australia)
Animal Kingdom 18
Australian underworld exposed
Film Notes
24 Jan 2012 (South Africa)
Life Above All 12
Family life in Johannesburg
Film Notes
7 Feb 2012 (Australia)
Mary and Max 12
Animation exploring life’s darker places
Film Notes
21 Feb 2012 (USA)
Meek’s Cutoff PG
Wagon train from female perspective
Film Notes
6 March 2012 (Iceland)
Heima E
Musical odyssey to Iceland
Film Notes
20 March 2012 (UK)
Skeletons 15
Edgy, inventive UK comedy
Film Notes
3 April 2012 (Greece)
Dogtooth 18
Ultimate dysfunctional family drama
Film Notes
17 April 2012 (India)
Peepli Live 15
Value of life in India explored
Film Notes
1 May 2012 (Chad)
A Screaming Man TBC
Revenge movie set in Africa
Film Notes
15 May 2012 (USA)
Point Blank 18
Revenge movie from 1960’s USA
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