Winchester Film Festival

Winchester Film Society is proud to be a partner in showing the best of World Cinema with the Winchester Film Festival.

Winchester Film Festival brings feature film premieres and award-winning short films selected from over 50 countries, at venues across Winchester, between 8 – 16 November 2019.

There will be a Special Showing at the Science Centre free to WFS members on TUESDAY 12 NOVEMBER.

An evening of five short films:

I GREW A STATUE, directed by Aaron Arens
Evocative German story of a man who is unable to distinguish between his real mistress and the dummy of her he creates.

I’M LISTENING, directed by Katja Korhonen
In this warm Finnish drama a night radio host is forced to reflect on her life choices after receiving a call about the end of the world.
Introduced by Ville Sivonen (producer) and Anssi Korhonen (production assistant).

SPARROW, directed by Welby Ings
A lyrical story of a young boy whose life is overshadowed by the legend of his grand-father, until he unravels his father’s lie.

STALKER, directed by Christopher Andrews
An ageing stalker pits his wits against a young poacher in this stunning British drama. Starring Sean McGinley & Evan Mitchell.

COMMITTED, directed by Lee Gilat
A brave Israeli drama about two sisters forced to confront their beloved father’s mental illness and commit him to a mental hospital.
Introduced by Lee Gilat (director) and Bat-el Moseri(writer).

Science Centre Screening Trailer – 12 November from WFF on Vimeo.

WFS members will also be able to claim a discount on all Film Festival screenings during 8 – 16 November.

Please note: No tickets will be sold on the night.

For more details on the Film Festival and to book tickets, visit:
Winchester Film Festival